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"This is Coy Mathis, a transgender 6 year old living in Colorado. It just so happens that my brother is in her class at Eagleside Elementary School in Fountain, Colorado. When I asked my brother how he felt about Coy he said, “She’s got really cool hair and we play on the slides at recess.” I asked what he thought about Coy’s decision to be a girl and he said, “She is a girl. She just got the wrong body on accident.” How is a 6 year old more understanding and accepting of her than many of the adults at Eagleside Elementary?"
-Courtney (via Have A Gay Day)

It drives me up the wall when adults discriminate against LGBTQIAP+ children, ESPECIALLY trans and non-binary children, and excuse it with “well my child would be confused.”

No, children are still learning about the world every day. They can learn about ALL genders and gender expressions and experiences so easily because they have much less transphobia to unlearn first. 

Children can get it. Children can understand. And Adults need to stop using children to mask their own ignorance. 

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